Alessandro La Spada
Tecnical Drawing

Island composition with snack desk. Main structure in wood particles coated in high resistant melamine, 19 mm in width, with backrest in the same material, 10 mm in width, ivory colour. Internal shelves in satinized safety glass, 10 mm in width. Horizontal profiles finished in satinized stainless steel. Containing drawer base: 120 cm; upper drawer with handles and lower drawers with servo push-pull opening system. Drawers with bottom part in wood particles covered in high resistant melamine, 16 mm in width, colour metal grey and border in lacquered steel and glass. Runners of fully removable drawers with damped closing system, max capacity 80 kg. Sides and back in natural stone finished with decoration in bas-relief and decorative insert in satinized stainless steel, 25 mm profile in satinized stainless steel (width 2 mm). Plinth in 65 mm marine plywood coated in satinized stainless steel. Accessories included: LED lighting system, cooker hood hidden in the top, cutlery storage, waste collection system, knife block, faucet in satinized stainless steel with swivel spout, sink in stainless steel built in the undertop. Top in polished marble Noir Saint Laurent, 10 cm profile with thickening layer applied. Predisposition for induction independent cookers. Metal decoration available with metal selection finishings.

Modular element with 6 columns. Main structure in wood particles covered in high resistant melamine, 19 mm in width, with backrest in the same material, 10 mm in width, colour ivory. Internal shelves in satinized safety glass, 10 mm in width. Vertical profiles in satinized stainless steel. Storage unit equipped with swing doors with damped hinges. Units with ovens equipped with roll-away door. Internal LED light system. Doors in natural stone finished with decorations in bas-relief and insert in satinized stainless steel, 25 mm profiles in satinized stainless steel (width 2 mm), sides in MDF matt lacquered. Plinth in 65 mm marine plywood coated in satinized stainless steel. Metal decoration available in chrome, gold, champagne, bronze, Siena, black nickel and gunmetal finishing. This composition is predisposed for accessories and appliances: Mastercool fridge, coffee machine, cup holder drawer, vacuum machine, microwave oven, steam oven, multifunction oven.

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